Aberdeen Stronger Together
‘We are a group of adults with learning disabilities. We meet every month at the I-Connect Centre on Union Street in Aberdeen to talk about politics and learn how we can work to make things better for ourselves and the wider learning disabled community in Aberdeen because we are stronger together.’ 




We are Aberdeen Stronger Together group.

Some of the members of Aberdeen Stronger Together


We meet every month at the I-Connect office in Union Street, Aberdeen.

I-Connect 491 Union Street Aberdeen

We meet at 2.30 p.m.   Our meetings last for 2 hours.

We talk about the things that we want to change to make things better for us.

Here are some of the group showing off their ‘Stop Hate Crime’ wristbands

We learn about voting and about what is happening in our Parliaments.

Aberdeen Stronger Together conference on campaign to stop bullying

We give our opinions on what we want to see happening and campaign on how to make things better.

The group has been doing a campaign on how to make Aberdeen city centre a safer place for people with learning disabilities,

The groups latest campaign booklet.

We engage with our politicians.

Meeting with Councillor Yvonne Allan to discuss traffic safety in Aberdeen


Deciding who to vote for at the General Election 2017 hustings

We make information for other people with learning disabilities to help them.

Easy read booklet on benefits changes