About LDAS

The Learning Disability Alliance Scotland – also known as LDAS – supports people living with learning disabilities across Scotland to engage in Scotland’s political life and to campaign for improvements in Scottish society for the benefit of the learning disabled community.

We work to help people with learning disabilities and their families raise their concerns and worries with local and national politicians.

We are a unique organisation is Scotland supporting people with learning disabilities, their families and carers and the organisations who work with to raise their own issues with politicians and decision makers. We believe the learning disabled community in Scotland is stronger when its members work together.  In addition, we believe it can play an important role in Scotland’s developing society and, with the support of LDAS, can speak out, raise awareness, and engage in the political process and make its own voice heard.



The work of LDAS

The main purpose of LDAS is to inform and support people living with learning disabilities about the latest political developments and the issues most important to them and to improving their own lives using easily accessible information and supporting them to learn and process the information.  Through our Stronger Together groups, regular workshops and Easy Read materials, we assist with informing, engaging, campaigning and speaking out about what it is like to live with a learning disability in Scotland today and what those living with learning disabilities need to make their lives better.



Structure of LDAS

LDAS is headed by a Board of 8 people, 7 of whom live with a learning disability. All of our Board members have been activists and campaigners on behalf of Scotland’s learning disabled community for many years.

Our current Board members are:

Andrew Doyle, Chairman

David Tawse, Vice Chair

Monica Hunter, Secretary

Sylvia Crick, Treasurer

Sheila Finlayson

Fiona Wallace

Amanda Wood

John Clarke


LDAS Member Organisations

LDAS is proud to work alongside a number of organisations who are providing services and support for Scotland’s learning disabled community throughout the country.  Our current members list includes: (Please click on the names to find out more about the work of our members):

Antonine Centre, Glasgow


L’Arche Edinburgh


Ears Advocacy


ARC Scotland


Ark Housing Association


Borders Independent Advocacy Service


Carr Gomm Scotland






Central Advocacy Partners






Down’s Syndrome Scotland






Enable – Glasgow Branch




Falkirk Equal People




Garvald Community Enterprise


Gowrie Care Ltd




Inclusion  Glasgow


Inclusion Alliance


Independent Advocacy Perth & Kinross


Key Community Supports


Lanarkshire ACE


Leonard Cheshire Scotland


National Autistic Society


Neighbourhood Networks




People First Scotland


Partners in Advocacy


People First Borders


RNIB Scotland




Sense Scotland


South Angus Parents of Adults with a Learning Disability


The Action Group


The Advocacy Project


The Richmond Fellowship Scotland


Thistle Foundation


Turning Point Scotland


 Unity Enterprise


Join Us

If you or your organisation would like to find out more about LDAS or you are considering joining us, please don’s hesitate to get in touch here.