Accessibility Survey

Accessibility – A Survey for People with Learning Disabilties

ACCESSIBILITY is a major issue for people with learning disabilities. And it’s one that extends way beyond the provision of physical access to the support, the information and the communications required for the day-to -day living of the learning disability community.

But how is Scotland doing in providing full accessibility for people with learning disabilities?

LDAS asked this very question of delegates at our recent conference on a Fairer Scotland. Delegates voted on the impact of all 5 areas set out by the Scottish Government in the Fairer Scotland Plan for Disabled People, including ‘accessibility.’

Some 62% of learning disabled delegates said they had not yet felt the impact of better accessibility, although the work of the plan is still ongoing.

Conference attendees also identified accessible travel and accessible communications as 2 of the 5 areas they want to see prioritised going forward.

So, it was no surprise when LDAS members at the recent Big Meeting voted for ‘Accessibility’ as the subject of the organisation’s annual survey for 2018.

Ewan Hamilton, Chair of LDAS, said: “Bad accessibility was one of the things people said made them feel more lonely and isolated in our last survey.

“People with learning disabilities need better accessibility, especially with forms and things. We hope lots of people will do our survey and tell us what they think and what they are experiencing.”

The survey is available in easy read format here   

You can complete the survey online here   

Accessibility survey workshops are also available from LDAS, to book a workshop for your group click here   

The LDAS survey closes on 28th February 2019.

Check out our survey video below:

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