Accessible Politics Bingo Game

Bingo cards, bingo counter, game cards

Do you like learning using fun games?   If you do then here is a good way to learn about politics.

It’s a bingo game that you can print off and use.

  How to use it.

Step 1: download and print out the bingo cards and give them to the players.  There are 10 bingo cards so you can have up to ten players.

Step 2: Print out lots of bingo counters. Each player needs to have enough counters to cover their whole card. 

Step 3: Print out and cut out the game cards.  The bingo caller uses these to call out the picture to the player.

Step 4: The bingo caller calls out the pictures.  The players put a counter over the picture called if they have it on their bingo card.

The first player to get a straight line of counters along the bingo card, or down the card or across the card calls Bingo! and wins the first round.

Then the game keeps going until someone gets counters on every picture on their bingo card. Then they shout Bingo! and they are the winner of that round.

Step 5: You can play as you like.


Bingo card 1

LDAS Bingo card 1

Bingo card 4

LDAS Bingo card 4

Bingo card 7

LDAS Bingo card 7

Bingo card 10

LDAS Bingo card 10

Game card 1

Game card 1

Game card 4

Game card 4

Bingo card 2

LDAS Bingo card 2

Bingo card 5

LDAS Bingo card 5

Bingo card 8

LDAS Bingo card 8

Bingo counter

Bingo counters

Game card 2

Game card 2

Game card 5

Game card 5

Bingo card 3

LDAS Bingo card 3

Bingo card 6

LDAS Bingo card 6

Bingo card 9

LDAS Bingo card 9

Game card 3

Game cards

Game card 3

Game card 3

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