Who Wants To Be A Councillor

WE all rely on our local authorities for so much in our daily lives from making sure our streets are lit at night to opening our schools every morning. So it kinda goes without saying really that for the lives of our most vulnerable citizens who need the most support, our councils play an even […]

An Accessible Referendum

FOR most people in Scotland today the 18 September marks a memorable anniversary. Whether you were on the winning or the losing side, the 2014 independence referendum was a momentous occasion and for many voters it was the culmination of a very positive democratic event. Learning disability voters in Scotland were no less impacted by […]

A Student’s Eye View of Accessible Politics

OVER the summer LDAS was delighted to welcome professional footballer and politics student Cailin Michie on board. The Edinburgh University student was keen to learn about the work of LDAS in making politics accessible for people with learning disabilities. Here’s her take. ‘DURING my time working with LDAS, I learnt a lot about the ways […]

We Need To Talk About Buses

BUSES are a big deal. Especially for people with little by way of alternative travel options at their disposal, such as the bulk of people with learning disabilities. For years now Scotland’s government, bus companies and other organisations have been working hard to make buses more accessible for vulnerable people. At present, as well as […]

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