The Learning Disability Alliance Scotland is a campaigning organisation that exists to work with adults with learning disabilities from all over Scotland to raise and resolve issues of political concern locally and nationally.

LDAS has supported Scotland’s learning disabled community to campaign about the issues affecting them directly for more than ten years.

There’s lots of ways to get engaged with and support the work of LDAS.

You can join, promote or support the LDAS Stronger Together groups, where adults with learning disabilities come together to learn about, speak out, engage with and campaign on the political issues affecting them.

You can learn about the issues affecting the lives of people with learning disabilities and help raise awareness of what it is like for people living with learning disabilities in Scotland today.

You can keep yourself fully informed with all the latest news and issues facing people living with learning disabilities, their families, carers and service providers and lend your support.

You can donate to the work of LDAS and help us to provide accessible information, more stronger together groups and expand our reach and our support to people living with learning disabilities all over Scotland.