Care Charges

Care Charges

What is the Care Tax?

People living in Scotland who are aged under 65 and need personal care are charged a tax towards the cost of that care.

As the charge is for care vulnerable people need, it is accurate to describe this charge as an unfair tax on the sick and disabled and their families.

The amount of the charge varies from council area to council area but for most vulnerable people it is a real financial burden.

Care Charge Campaigns

LDAS has consistently been at the forefront of the care charges debate. We have supported our members to speak out about the impact of the cost on their lives.

In additional to facilitating individual campaigns, LDAS is also a member of the Scotland Against the Care Tax coalition.

SACT works to end the unfair care charges and supports the introduction of Frank’s Law in Scotland.

Frank’s Law

Frank’s Law campaign, named after footballer Frank Kopel, calls for the extension of free personal care to people aged under-65 in Scotland to relieve vulnerable people of the burden of paying care charges.

In September 2017, the Scottish Government announced the introduction of Frank’s Law as part of its programme for Government. Frank’s Law is now set to come into force in Scotland in April 2019.

Care Charges – Campaigns and Background

  • Frank’s Law
  • Right to a Real Life
  • Related Expenditure
  • Additional Information

Amanda Kopel, wife of the late Dundee United footballer Frank, has been driving forward her campaign to end care charges since her husband was diagnosed with and later died from early onset dementia.

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Right to a Real Life campaign was launched by LDAS in November 2016 in response to massive increases in care charges by Dumfries & Galloway Council.

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Disability related expenditure refers to the additional costs of many conditions and disabilities.  Meeting the costs of additional expenses is further compounded by care charges.

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A decision has now been taken by the Scottish Government to end personal care charges for people under age 65 under ‘Frank’s Law’ although there are still issues around what the new measures will cover. For LDAS, SACT and many other organisations, families and individuals it has been a long journey to get to this point.

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