What is Brexit?

When people talk about Brexit they mean the UK leaving the European Union.

What does Brexit mean?

Watch the video below to find out.

Easy Video News about Brexit

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The UK had a special vote in 2016 and most people voted to leave the European Union.

The European Union is usually called the EU.

Lots of people call this Brexit. 

Brexit means Britain exiting or leaving the EU.

The EU rules said the UK government had to write a letter to say it would leave in 2 years.

The letter was sent in March 2017 so the UK was supposed to leave the EU in March 2019.

The UK was not ready in time to leave in March 2019 and asked for some more time.

The EU said the UK could have up until Halloween to do Brexit.

Now the UK government and the EU are having lots of talks.

The talks are about deciding a plan for how the UK will leave the EU.

There are lots of EU laws that the UK follows.

This means those laws have to be brought back to the UK Parliament.

Some should also be going to the devolved Parliaments.

To bring those laws back a special Bill was made.

This bill is called the withdrawal bill or the great repeal bill.

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