What does Brexit mean for Scotland?

Our MSPs and MPs are talking about all the different things that Brexit could mean.

What is the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish government saying about it?

Most voters in Scotland voted to stay in the EU in the 2016 referendum.

This means that most people in Scotland did not want Brexit.

The Scottish Parliament wants control of all devolved things that the EU will send back after Brexit.

The UK Government say some devolved things will go to Westminster first.

The Scottish Parliament says MSPs will not agree to the withdrawal bill if it does not get control of devolved matters.

MSPs passed a new  Continuity bill to try to protect the things the Parliament looks after.

The Scottish government says Brexit will be bad for Scotland.

They asked the UK government to think about things like staying in the EU single market.

The UK government says it wants to leave all EU things. This is called a hard Brexit.

Some people support this. Some people want another referendum vote on Brexit.

The Scottish parliament voted to ask for another independence referendum if Brexit does not go well.

The First Minister said this will not happen until people know more about Brexit.