What things are devolved to the Scottish Parliament?

Scotland has a Scottish Parliament where MSPs make laws and vote on certain things that are called ‘devolved powers.’

What are the devolved things the Scottish Parliament looks after?

Health and social care.

This is things like NHS Scotland, medicines and social work services.

Police and law.

This is things like Police Scotland, courts and all the things to do with people breaking the law.

Education and training.

This is things like education systems for schools and colleges.

Local government.

This is all about local councils.

The fire brigade.

This is called fire and rescue Scotland.

Housing and land.

This is things like deciding how many houses can be built and how some land can be used.

The environment.

This is things like recycling and stopping pollution to protect the earth and the air.

Farming, fishing and forestry.

This is about looking after Scotland’s farms, fish and trees.


This is things like bus passes and transport systems.


Soon Scotland will get to run some benefits but only for things to do with disability and carers like PIP and Carer’s Allowance.

Voting in Scotland.

This is about how voting is run for the Scottish Parliament and for councils.

Tourism and arts.

This is things like sport, arts, museums, historic places and culture things to make Scotland fun to visit.