EU Election

European Union Elections

The European Union has a Parliament.

The politicians in the parliament are elected in all the different EU states in EU elections.

Like all elections you can vote by post or at the polling station. If you need support you can pick someone to mark your vote in for you.

This is the European Union Parliament where EU laws are made about things the EU member states do together.

This is things like employment rights.


The politicians in the EU Parliament are called MEPs.

MEP means Member of the European Parliament.

Member states get the number of MEPs for their size so bigger states get more MEPs.

As a part of the UK Scotland gets 6.


In the UK you vote for your MEPs by putting one cross on the voting paper next to the political party or candidate you want to win.


Like other votes you go to your local polling station and show them your polling card.

Then you go into the polling booth and you make your vote on the voting paper. 

After you are finished making your vote put the voting paper into the ballot box.

Well done!

You have voted in the European Elections.

The votes for the EU elections are not counted right away like other elections.

This is because all of the EU countries have to vote before everything can be counted.

So you will have to wait a few days to find out who won the votes.

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