Political Parties in the Scottish Parliament


What political parties are in the Scottish Parliament


Only 1 MSP in the Scottish Parliament does not represent a political party.

All the other 128 are in political parties.

There are 5 political parties in the Scottish Parliament.

Each party has a special sign just for them. Learn more about them by clicking here →




The Scottish National Party is called the SNP for short.

It is the biggest party in the Scottish Parliament with 62 MSPs.

Because it is the biggest party it forms the Scottish Government.




The Conservative and Unionist party is called the Tories for short.

It is the second biggest party in the Scottish Parliament with 31 MSPs. 




The Labour party are the third party in Scottish Parliament.

It has 23 MSPs. 




The Green party is usually called ‘The Greens’.

It has 6 MSPs in the Scottish Parliament. 




The Liberal Democrats party are called the Lib Dems for short.

It is the smallest party in the Scottish Parliament with 5 MSPs. 




There are 2 MSPs in the Scottish Parliament who do not sit with a party.

Mark McDonald is an Independent MSP. This means he is not a member of a party.

Ken Macintosh is the Presiding Officer. You can learn more about this by clicking here 


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