Political Parties in the UK Parliament

What political parties are in Westminster?

There are 9 political parties in the House of Commons.

There are 34 Independent MPs. Independent means they are not in a party.

There are 5 MPs who formed The Independent Group For Change.

There are 650 Westminster seats and each seat has an MP.

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The Conservative and Unionist party is called the Tories for short.

It is the biggest party in the UK Parliament with 288 MPs.

It is the Government party in the House of Commons.

The Labour party is the second party in UK Parliament.

That means it is called the ‘opposition.’

The opposition goes against the government party a lot of times.

Labour has 247 MPs. 

The Scottish National Party is called the SNP for short.

It is the third party in the UK Parliament with 35 MPs.

The SNP is a Scotland only party.

The Liberal Democrats party is called the Lib Dems for short.

The Lib Dems have 18 MPs in Westminster.

The Democratic Unionist Party is called the DUP for short.

It has 10 MPs in the UK Parliament.

The DUP votes with the Government to help it get enough votes to pass laws.

The DUP is a Northern Ireland only party.

Sinn Fein party has 7 MPs.

Sinn Fein MPs do not come to Westminster ever.

Sinn Fein believes Northern Ireland should leave the UK and join with Ireland.

Sinn Fein is an Irish only party.


Plaid Cymru is Welsh for the Party of Wales.

It has 4 MPs at Westminster.

Plaid Cymru is a Wales only party.


The Green party is usually called ‘The Greens’.

It has 1 MP in the UK Parliament. 


There are 21 Independent MPs in the UK Parliament.

Independent means they are not part of a party.

5 of these MPs work together and are called the Independent Group.


John Bercow MP is the Speaker of the House of Commons.

This means he does not sit with a party or vote.

John Bercow is a Conservative.

You can read more about what the speaker does here   

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