Scottish Independence

What is Scottish Independence all about?

It is all about a belief that Scotland should run itself. 

It means Scotland would make its own decisions about its own affairs and money.

Everything would be run from the Scottish Parliament and not the UK Parliament.

Scotland is in a political union with England with Wales and Northern Ireland.

This is called the United Kingdom.

People say UK for short.

The Parliament of the UK is the Houses of Parliament at Westminster.

This is where decisions about the laws and economy for the whole UK are made because it is the in charge of the whole UK.

The Scottish Parliament is a devolved parliament.

This means it looks after some things that are devolved like health and education.

It is not in charge of everything because Scotland is not independent.

The political parties in the Scottish Parliament who support Scotland staying in the UK are:

Conservative party

Labour party

Liberal Democrats party

The political parties in the Scottish Parliament who support Scotland being an independent county are:

SNP party

Green party

In 2014 Scotland had a special referendum vote about being independent. 

The people who wanted to stay in the UK were called the No side.

The people who wanted independence were called the Yes side.

The No side won the referendum.

This means more than half of voters wanted to stay in the UK.

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