The European Union

What is the European Union?

The European Union is sometimes called the EU.

Scotland and the rest of the UK are members of the European Union until Brexit happens.

The European Union is a group of European states who agreed to work together in a certain way.

It has a flag, a court and a Parliament.

The European Union has 28 member states.

When Brexit happens there will be 27 member states left.

The EU group agree their people can live and work and travel across the group.

They trade together and with the rest of the world as one big group.

Some of them also use the same money called the Euro. 

The European Union has a European Parliament. 

The Parliament makes laws about all the things the members do together.

People across the EU vote for the Parliament.

The European Union has a Council to decide things about the EU.

The Council is all the heads of the members states.

For the UK that person is the Prime Minister.

The European Union has a Commission to run the EU.

The Commission is made up of people who are chosen by the governments of all the member states.

The European Union has a special court for all the laws it makes.

It is called the Court of Justice of the EU.

The European Union has a special business agreement called the Single Market.

This means businesses across the group agree to the same rules so they can work and sell things together.

Some states who are not in the EU have agreed to be in the Single Market. For example, Norway.

The European Union has a Customs Union agreement. 

This means members states agree on costs for making and selling things.

Some countries are not in the EU but have agreed a Customs Union. For example Turkey.

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