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24 Oct 2017
Dundee Stronger Together

The Carer's Act was passed earlier this year but is not currently being implemented.  Currently Scottish Ministers are considering what is called the Commencement Date.  This is the date when the everybody must start doing what the Act says.  This will definitely be by the end of 2017 but not all parts might be done at once.  

Over the summer of 2016, we can expect to see the first draft regulations being published and people will be able to comment on these.  The Carers Act contain significant improvements to carer's rights and support and will be expected to cost quite a bit more.  Some budgets have been set.   About £16 million for Year One rising to about £74 million in Year Four.  And there are promises that if more funds are needed to deliver this then they will be made available.  

Important features of the Carers Act include:

  • Carers Assessments will be replaced by new assessments called Adult Carer Support Plans and Young Carers Statements.
  • Carers whose identified needs meet local eligibility criteria will have a right to support
  • Carers whose identified needs do not meet local eligibility criteria should still have access to other forms of support and information and advice and local authorities will still have a power to provide support.
  • The development of local eligibility criteria must involve consultation and involvement of carers and carer organisations.
  • Carers cannot be charged for any support they receive

The Learning Disability Alliance Scotland are recruiting a new 


Based in Edinburgh   Salary £35,000 plus 7% pension contribution Full Time:  35 Hours

An exciting opportunity to play a key role in supporting people with Learning Disabilities throughout Scotland campaign and connect with politicians and decision makers in order to improve their lives and enjoy all the benefits that Scotland can offer.    The Coordinator has the lead role in maintaining, developing and creating opportunities for the organisation and working with the Board to shape and drive its strategic vision.

Our Mission is to listen to people with learning disabilities and their families, find ways to present their views to decision makers and make sure that policies, laws and decisions reflect these views. 

The Coordinator will be committed to LDAS’s principles and beliefs, have experience in a leadership role and excel in strategic and creative thinking.  An excellent communicator, the Coordinator will demonstrate credibility and integrity, and will build and maintain key relationships and partnerships.

The Learning Disability Alliance Scotland is an association of 44 Scottish voluntary organisations of and for people with learning disabilities and their carers. The primary purpose of the Alliance is to raise awareness of the needs and issues concerning people with learning disabilities amongst the principal law and policy makers within Scotland. 

Our Mission is to 

  1. Listen to people with learning disabilities and their families.
  2. Find ways to present their views to decision makers.
  3. Make sure that policies, laws and decisions reflect these views.  
  4. To be a well run organisation.

The Learning Disability Alliance Scotland is an equal opportunities employer.  Scottish Charity SC043032.

Closing date: 5pm, Monday 1st of August.   Interviews: on Wednesday 17th of August in Edinburgh.

People with learning disabilities will be part of the shortlisting and interview process.   Some of them may need help reading complicated words.   You may choose to complete and submit the written application form and we will make sure they understand fully what you have said.  Or you can choose to record your answers on to a short mobile phone video and upload it to our WeTransfer Plus account (ldas.wetransfer.com) which will be easier for everyone to understand directly.  We will treat both forms of submission equally.      


If you require further information that is not contained in any of the recruitment files below, then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Coordinator Job Description

Coordinator Job Specification

Coordinator Application Form

Our Work Brochure

Annual Review 2015 



This map shows how the different parts of the country voted.  The Blue areas voted to Leave the European Union and the Yellow areas voted to Remain In the European Union.  

All areas in Scotland voted to Remain

Most areas in England voted to Leave

Most areas in Northern Ireland voted to Remain

Most areas in Wales voted to Leave

 Read more by Downloading our Easy Read Guide to What Happens Now.

We are pleased to announce that our May 2016 Newsletter has just been published.  You can download a copy of the newsletter in pdf version here or an audio version to listen to here.  

Our first article draws on a report published about the progress of Health and Social Care Integration in England that can help us understand the challenges for Scotland.  You can read the full article here and download a copy of the main report here.

Our second article looks at he ongoing war against disabled people as despite the efforts of the Scottish Government the amounts disabled people are being asked to pay continues to rise.  Faced with benefit cuts, rising prices and cuts in support, asking people to pay more for less would not be acceptable anywhere else. Yet for disabled people who are coming to ask for help at really difficult times in their lives it seems okay to shrug shoulders and say there is a means test so it must be fair!   Even Rafael Nadal thinks its wrong! Read the article here

Our third article looks at a few other things that the new Scottish Government might do to improve things. Read it here.  

All our online articles can be read aloud simply by highlighting the text and then clicking it.  

You can also see our map of Welfare Rights Offices in Scotland on our website where you can more advice and help on how to sort out welfare benefit problems

Helping Disabled People Get Jobs by investing an additional £20 million  on top of funding that is transferred from Westminster to ensure that those who most need support get it. Due to start in 2018.

Helping Social Care Staff by implementing the Living Wage of £8.20 per hour from October 2016 for all social care workers.

A Disability Action Plan to improve lives.

Helping unpaid carers by  increasing Carers Allowance  to the same level as JSA with further adjustments for those caring for more than one disabled child.

Establishing a Disability Benefits Assessment Commission to look at PIP  such as how often assessments for PIP should be,  what long term conditions should be given an automatic or lifetime awards, and  what the eligibility rules about who should get PIP are.


Please note that all our videos are hosted on You Tube.  Problems have been reported with their subtitling system that can mean rude words sometimes appear.  We apologise for this and recommend that you do not use the You Tube subtitle service.  If you do so it will be at your own risk.