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24 Oct 2017
Dundee Stronger Together

Earlier this year LDAS at the encouragement of one of our supporters took Lynda La Plante to task  over her use of the word "retard" on Radio Four's Today programme.   Ofcom has now found the BBC in breach of the broadcasting code.  The Prime Suspect creator was discussing an article accusing her of saying the word but she went on to use it twice more before  the presenter changed the subject.

We are really pleased to see  that the BBC have been censured by Ofcom for the offensive remarks repeated on the Today Programme back in March! Many people complained to the BBC and got brushed off,  now the lesson to learn is that in future if  you wish to complain about anything on the BBC make the complaint to Ofcom and not to the BBC.




The next "Big Meeting" of the Learning Disability Alliance Scotland will be on Tuesday 30th July at 11am in the HQ of Gowrie Housing Association, Dundee.  


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