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24 Oct 2017
Dundee Stronger Together

Glasgow City introduced personalisation in 2010 as part of a programme designed to save up to £6.4 million per year.  The first phase of this for people with learning disabilities was rapidly extended to other groups.  As individual budgets became the preferred method of managing support packages the council moved to close a number of day centres arguing that with individual budgets, less people would use these  services.

Actually it seems that less people now use any services in Glasgow.   Official figures from ESAY reports that the number of people with learning disabilities receiving any service from the council fell again in the last year, this time by 104 people  to just 2,306 in 2015.  

Figures produced by the NHS suggest that others have been seeking out NHS help when they cannot get it from the council.    At around the time of the introduction of personalisation in Glasgow the number of “inpatient weeks” rose rapidly as can be seen in the chart.   By 2013, it was costing NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde an additional £4.5 million per year.  

It seems strange that a policy of that was presented as being about Choice And Control should be connected to less people getting any service and more people using  specialist hospital services.