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24 Oct 2017
Dundee Stronger Together

Across Scotland  neighbouring local authorities can have huge variations in charges for social care.  For example, Aberdeenshire charges £10.00 an hour for care at home while Angus charges up to £22.50 for the same service.   The types, range and scale of the needs of people in each area do not vary, nor does the actual support that they receive, just this incredible variation in charges. Download the care charging maphourly rate.

 There is a means test which councils say make this fair and that no one will pay what they cannot afford.  But 

  • 6 councils will take between a quarter and a half of your spare income 
  • 7will take exactly half
  • 9 will take between a half and three quarters
  • While 6 will take ALL your spare cash. 

Download the National Care Charging League Table