What is a survey?

A survey is a list of questions to ask people what they think about things.

This survey was about who feels lonely and cut off from other people.

Here are the results but you can download a full report if you click the button.

We got over 200 responses to the survey from people with learning disabilities from all over Scotland.

More than half said they knew their neighbours enough to say hello.

More than half said they have someone they can call in an emergency who is not their staff.

The biggest number of people live by themselves.

This is important because the main time people say they feel most lonely is in the evenings.

Most people said they have contact with between 1 and 5 people on a normal day.

Mostly these people are staff.

Most people have contact with 10 or more people in a normal week.

Mostly the people they see are colleagues or support service staff.

Most people go out some days but there are some people who stay at home every day of the week normally.

Most people feel they have enough money.

A smaller number feel lonely because they do not have enough money to go out and do things.

Most people said they have a computer, tablet or mobile phone but some can only use it with a bit of help.

Everyone else did not have any of these things.

We asked people if it is hard to travel in their area in case that keeps them isolated and lonely.

For most travel is ok in their area especially with support. For a smaller number it is not.

Most people cannot speak to a stranger if they need help.

Most people find it easy to meet people in their local area.

Most people know of some activities to go to in their local area.

A smaller number live too far away from any day activities.

Some people have no activities to attend.

Most people said they felt lonely sometimes or most of the time.

More than half of people experience isolation sometimes or all of the time.

We asked for ideas to help people feel less isolated and less lonely.

Most people said they need more people to spend time with and to talk with.

The help people want is:

Easy information about activities, travel and activities.
More evening activities.
Friendship training.
Befriending services or helpline services that are easy to use.
More awareness of people with learning disabilities and their needs.