News – Learning Disability Awareness Campaign

Creating a Culture of Kindness

LDAS and our friends at The Action Group and Quarriers have come together to launch a random Acts of Kindness campaign to help raise awareness of learning disabilities.

The campaign has been launched head of Learning Disability Week 2018, which runs from 14-20 May.

The campaign centres around people with learning disabilities awarding special wristbands to people who have gone out of their way to treat them with respect, equality and kindness.

So many people with learning disabilities are still subject to unkind treatment in their daily lives. This means they are often ignored, abused or dismissed by many. This kind of unacceptable treatment must stop.

With our campaign, people with learning disabilities are taking matters into their own hands and giving wristbands to those who show awareness of learning disabilities and helping to create a culture of kindness and awareness of learning disabilities in Scotland.

If you receive one of these bands, please remind people how important kindness is by posting a picture of you wearing your wristband on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the tags #RandomActsOfKindness #happiness @LDAScotland and help raise awareness by explaining what you did to receive your wristband.

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