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Politics Hub

This page contains useful information about Scottish and UK Parliaments and Governments as well as parliamentary business, consultations, parliamentary calls for evidence and Bills currently progressing through the Scottish Parliament and the UK Parliament that are of relevance to the learning disability community in Scotland.

For easy read political information  to our Accessible Politics Hub.

Scottish Government

The Scottish Government is the devolved government for Scotland and runs the country in relation to matters that are devolved from Westminster.  At present it is run by an SNP minority administration.

Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Parliament is the devolved Parliament of Scotland responsible for implementing laws and policy on devolved matters. It uses a 2-vote system combining additional member and first past the post.

UK Government

The UK Government is the Government for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. At present it is run by a Conservative & Unionist led administration with the support of Northern Ireland’s DUP. 

UK Parliament

The UK or British Parliament, commonly known as Westminster, is the legislative body of the UK. It is made up of two chambers, the elected House of Commons and appointed House of Lords.

Parliamentary Mechanisms

  • Bills
  • Motions-Questions
  • Petitions
  • Consultations

Parliamentary Bills

Bills are drafts proposals to introduce new laws or amend existing laws that are presented for parliamentary consideration and debate. Bills are proposed by Government and Government members, parliamentarians or parliamentary committees.

The Scottish Parliament provides information on the legislative process of bills and lists of current bills here   

Information about bills and the legislative process in the UK Parliament can be found here   

Motions and Parliamentary Questions and Answers

In the Scottish Parliament MSPs can ask questions of the Scottish Government or the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body submitting them in oral or written form or occasionally an emergency question can be taken in the Chamber. You can access information on written questions here   

MSPs can lodge Motions as a means of initiating debate or to propose a course of action. Motions can be supported and amended by MSPs to further debate. 

You can find information on Early Day Motions, Parliamentary questions and Parliamentary Business at the UK Parliament here   


Anyone can submit a public petition to instigate debate or change. 

Find out more about petitions to the Scottish Parliament here   

Find out more about petitions to the UK Parliament here 



A consultation is a policy document that is put forward by Governments and Parliaments for public comment and feedback. Everyone has the right to respond to consultations, especially on matters that will affect them, and people living with learning disabilities are no exception. 

LDAS supports people with learning disabilities to take part in consultations processes and to make their views and voices heard by our Governments.

Find information on the latest Scottish Government consultations here   

Find information on the latest Scottish Parliament consultations here   

Find information on the latest UK Government petitions here   

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