Scottish Independence

Scottish Independence Referendum 2014

The 2014 referendum on Scottish independence was a major democratic event in Scotland.

LDAS worked with our partners around the country to ensure people with learning disabilities were included in the process, which ended with a 55% No vote in favour of the Union.

Click on the files below to look back on the accessible politics work undertaken by LDAS for this momentous vote. 

  • Yes
  • No
  • Voters’ views
  • LDAS Easy Read
  • LDAS Report

The pro-independence side of the referendum was the ‘Yes’ campaign.

Click on the image below for the Yes Scotland campaign booklet in easy read:

The pro-UK union side of the referendum was the ‘No’ side run by the Better Together campaign.

Click on the image below to download the an easy read copy of the Better Together campaign booklet:

People with Learning Disabilities for Yes or No

Throughout the referendum campaign period LDAS accessible politics put together easy read information and regularly updated the work as workshops and local and regional events took place across Scotland.

Click here   to download a copy or read it in full below.

Click here   to download a full report produced by LDAS following the referendum detailing the extensive work carried out by the organisation across Scotland.

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